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Protection of exporters data, huh? So maybe they can explain why, when you log into SNAP, your User ID and Password are clearly displayed in the URL in plain text? Seems to me that kind of data should be easy to obtain, and may even be collected by spyware, or other cookies tracking me around the net. Great.

Rebuilding the workstations is not severe, it is standard practice and often the least effort for the most certainty with regard to safety. For example, if the data is stored properly including system imaging and data backups then to rebuild a workstation is trivial and may take as little as a couple hours.

On the other hand when a workstation is believed to be hacked it may be next to impossible to trust the OS again without an extensive and expensive amount of work to prove critical files have not been tampered with. The more sophisticated the attack, the harder to find every last trace of their handywork and provide assurance. Thus a rebuild is usually the cheap and easy solution by comparison.

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